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Field Trips

If you would like to schedule a field trip with us, fill out the form below or contact Debbie VanOtteren at 912-506-2462 ( Let’s explore together!

Day Camps

KPC’s education program aligns with state curriculum and local school schedules to complement students’ learning experiences. Our day camps during major school breaks not only keep kids engaged but also provide them with a chance to have fun and explore nature in an educational setting. These camps are available during winter break, spring break, summer camp and fall break.

EdVenture Workshop Series: 

EdVenture Workshop Series:
Join us on the second Saturday of each month for our EdVenture Workshop Series, which includes guest speakers, activities for all ages, and nature walks. Come learn and grow with us! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the wonders of wetlands. This is A family friendly event with activities for all ages. Child care will be provided.

10:00AM: Introductions & refreshments
10:15AM: Illustrated talk
11:00AM: Workshop Activities
11:45AM: Nature Walk Through Kennedy Pond Conservancy
EVENT COST: $5/person (children 2 and under are free).
Donations for the Kennedy Pond Conservancy will be graciously accepted.

Kennedy Pond Conservancy seeks opportunities for community outreach through its educational programs including research clinics, graduate studies, workshops, weekly educational seminars, volunteer programs, science fairs and other education related projects. We provide expert trainers, guides, instructors, and guest speakers to promote not only the restoration of Kennedy pond but the importance of nature conservation efforts as a whole.

We work with researchers and educators in public and private sectors to create educational resources and opportunities for all age groups and organization types, fostering environmental stewardship and conservation, nurturing a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature while encouraging a deeper understanding of the delicate ecosystems present throughout Kennedy Pond. Our goal is to inform, educate and involve individuals within the community to ignite a passion for the beauty of nature, the need for preservation and the rich diversity Kennedy Pond brings to our region. The Conservancy aspires, through education, to promote a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the environment for generations to come.

Kennedy Pond Conservancy provides career exploration opportunities related to nature conservation, education, preservation and restoration in our local communities as well as communities within our region. We work to create activities that aim to educate, engage, and inspire individuals to become active participants in the conservation of nature and its diverse ecosystems.

These opportunities include collaboration with schools to create outdoor classroom programs to learn in a natural setting. The Conservancy looks to establish eco-friendly clubs in schools by encouraging youth to initiate and lead environmental projects within their community; create interactive educational exhibits and displays at local schools or community centers; showcase the importance of nature conservation; and, connect youth through other conservancy activities such as our outdoor adventure programs, tree planting, habitat restoration, nature camps, guided nature kayaking/hikes and environmental workshops.

The Conservancy will seek out opportunities to engage and educate on the importance of wetlands, their ecological significance, and how they actively contribute to preservation and restoration efforts.

Our Goals


Create educational and enrichment opportunities for schools, communities, and policymakers to raise awareness of the necessity of the wetland ecosystems and how they benefit our region.


Develop programming opportunities for indoor and outdoor classroom education, hands-on learning and engagement in restoration.


Provide career exploration opportunities related to nature conservation.