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Our Mission

Welcome to Kennedy Pond Conservancy! We’re on a mission to restore and protect this 315-acre Carolina Bay freshwater wetland, creating a space where everyone can connect with nature. Through education, research, and recreation, we’re dedicated to preserving the pond and supporting the local community. Join us in bringing positive change to Bulloch County by learning about wetland conservation, wildlife management, and more through our diverse programs and events. Let’s work together to improve our natural world so the beauty of nature can be experienced for generations to come, creating a deep connection between people and nature.


By restoring Kennedy Pond’s natural features like water levels, connections, and wildlife homes, we aim to keep this important place in Bulloch County thriving. This area is special because it has diverse ecosystems including open water, marsh, shrub bog, cypress forest, tupelo swamp and longleaf. With some care, we can turn Kennedy Pond into a rich landscape, providing a home for many different plants and animals. Join us in protecting and enhancing this unique natural spot!


Kennedy Pond Conservancy has opportunities for community outreach through its educational programs including research clinics, graduate studies, workshops, weekly educational seminars, volunteer programs, science fairs and other education related projects. We provide expert trainers, guides, instructors, and guest speakers to promote not only the restoration of Kennedy Pond but the importance of nature conservation efforts as a whole.


Enjoy your time outdoors by getting involved in our outdoor adventure programs, tree plantings, habitat restoration, nature camps, guided nature walks, boating excursions and environmental workshops. Our guided educational wetland tours provide a firsthand experience of wetland habitats, their beauty, and purpose. From picnics to primitive camping, kayaking and hiking there is fun for the whole family.


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Become a part of our mission to improve our wild spaces and protect them for the future. Our volunteer program seeks to involve individuals to support conservation efforts. Volunteers may participate in activities such as habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, educational outreach, event organization, and projects. Whether you are a novice in the outdoors or an experienced professional your contributions will help restore and conserve these wetlands while raising awareness of their importance to our natural world.


Support nature’s beauty! When you donate to our conservancy, you help to preserve and protect our precious wild spaces while also providing education opportunities for future generations. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and our community. Every contribution counts!

Upcoming Events

Volunteer Day

Join us for Volunteer Day at Kennedy Pond Conservancy from 9:00 to 12:00 on the first Saturday of every month! Enjoy the property, contribute to improving nature, and give back to the outdoors we all love. We aim to form groups to remove invasive plant species, pick up trash, and map out, build, and maintain new/existing hiking trails. Come out to lend a hand and experience KPC for yourself! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have questions or need directions to the property text or call 912-314-0796. Volunteer Days are scheduled for the first Saturday of the month, so if you can’t make this one put us on your calendar for the next one and come see what we are all about.

Adult Coloring Events

Looking for a relaxing and creative way to spend your Sunday afternoons? Come to our Adult Color & Unwind event! The first Sunday of every month, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

EdVenture Workshops

Join us on the second Saturday of each month for our EdVenture Workshop Series, which includes guest speakers, activities for all ages, and nature walks. Come learn and grow with us! This is a family friendly event with activities for all ages. Fostering Bulloch 7th Mile Farm, Cabin 4. Address: 7200 GA-46 Statesboro

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